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Sharper (European researchers' night) and Trieste NEXT 2019

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(ph. Massimo Goina)

(Trieste, 27-29 September 2019)

Big Data, Deep Science

In the past few days the eighth Trieste Next event was held, this time devoted devoted to the future of research and mankind in the age of artificial intelligence. According to the statistical data provided by the organisers, there were 50,000 people in attendance at the booths of the ‘Village of Knowledge’ in Piazza Unità d’Italia and the more than 50 events available to the public.

Friday 27 September, the opening day, was in conjunction with Sharper/European researchers' night, an initiative promoted by the European Commission that involved 12 Italian cities. There were over 2,000 students who took part in the initiatives devoted to schools on Friday morning.

Elettra: A journey with Ely among the beamlines

The people who visited the Elettra area could watch live broadcasts from the synchrotron experimental hall thanks to the Ely robot and the guides who brought it to see a few beamlines. A series of mini-conferences and speeches on the functioning of Elettra and FERMI and the research carried out in various sectors and scientific disciplines, held by researchers as well as technicians, attracted the visitors to the stand during the 37 long hours of the event.
In addition, a corner specially devoted to children was set up, in which they were asked to suggest titles for a maxi-game for ESOF 2020 and draw the pawns.


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